During its time, S3 has already been producing 0. This shows how powerful 3D-NOW! When I mean stable, it has been tested with a few rounds 3DMark99 and a few games note: Same as the former test. Ok, on to the next section to show you what Creative drivers have to offer. Something similar is also available at the Virtual Desktop Presets.

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Therefore those that pass their testing will be stamped with the Ultra word and not laser-etched like the other wordings.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra graphics card – TNT2 Ultra – 32 MB Series

Additionally, if you rova a lot of expansion cards and are having problems getting the new video card to work, try removing all the cards and plug in the new video-card to see if it works. Regarding software, a few free games or at least a playable version of an upcoming game like Draken and some cool demos.

Yes, BrookTree, S-video and Composite connections. I’ve only included the results for the Celeron and using Demo-1 because using any other CPUs and speed grade results in the exact same minor drop.

Creative NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Ultra (CT6870) 32 MB AGP 1x/2x Graphics adapter

MS DirectX Version 6. Here’s another common question in Clinics: But this time, TSMC is fully equipped to cater to 0. It never gave any problems even though it was hot to the touch. Have I been conned?


That wraps up the TV-out experience. And yes, the fan’s power source is derived from the board itself as shown. Game-1 Same as the above remark.

Even if you live in Argentina and can’t figure out which one to use, the database is so huge it lists out plenty of countries and their supported systems. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat The supplied drivers on the CD are old as usual, so I downloaded Creative’s drivers from the web for testing its utilities and then downloaded the newer nVidia’s Detonator drivers 1.

Just a silly mistake that I overlooked and wanted to share the ‘problem’ with you readers.

Creative 3D Blaster Riva TNT2 Ultra graphics card – TNT2 Ultra – 32 MB Overview – CNET

A low-cost version, known as the TNT2 M64, was produced with the memory interface reduced from bit to bit. Send to a friend. Same as the former test. You have to manually lower your resolution to x or x at 60Hz refresh rate in order to have output to the TV. There are many sections here, so I’ll be highlighting the more important ones and the first one shows the information page fiva shown to your left. All looks right over here but just note how much gain you get by overclocking your video card Game Peak fill rate of million bilinear filtered, multi-textured pixels per second Over 9 million triangles per second at peak rates Bilinear Filtering 2.

That is why TNT had a large die ulhra with 0. Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3D-Mark99 test suite for comparisons to view in full size, click on pictures: Not to mention, we also have 4 models derived from the TNT2 chipset.


Imagine how an AMD-Athlon will perform in this test! For lower speed CPU’s e.

Mainly looks likes a spruced up version of nVidia’s Tweak page. I’ve been running almost every video card successfully in my Super-7 combo for quite a while now and if there has been any compatibility issue, I would have addressed them in my reviews, but I still see many queries.

GeForce 2 4 MX. I’ve seen so many reviews comparing the bit and bit colour differences and the only that they always show that bit colour is better is by magnifying the snapshot quite a bit! The good thing is that they use TNT2 core that is a new chipset made from a 0.

Have a look at the below selected screenshots taken by 3D-Mark99 test suite for comparisons to view in full size, click on pictures:. Voodoo3 cards render internally in bit precision color depth. It looked exactly like the snapshot shown here.