This especially applies to laptops. This diagram shows a system with the same functionality as in diagram 1, but here the instruments are Raymarine, interconnected via the Raymarine proprietry Seatalk protocol. In this case the multiplexer output baudrate setting has to be , because this is the only baudrate the auto pilot supports. Welcome to the updated THT! Join the Panbo crew to get easy commenting. The iMux has its own internal wifi module while the eMux delegates the wifi task to a router, and is connected to the router via a cable. Instead, you can just use a terminal block:

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Login to answer this questions. C Skip, Can the Brookhouse have the port baud rate configured?

How to wire a Brookhouse Multiplexer

NMEA is faster than SeaTalk and gives the display a quick fix on heading and the SeaTalk connection provides the smoothing to minute heading changes. We only have a small quantity multilexer this article in stock. Prices, ordering and payment. By Steve Mitchell4 weeks ago.

Its original core function is combining data from multiple NMEA sources NMEA “talkers” to a single data-stream, but the functions available in Brookhouse multiplexers go beyond this.

If you use an iPad on your boat and are trying to maximize its use, you might want to see your boats instruments on the Pad. The same functionality is offered as in the model with separate LCD. A setup with a multiplexer which is connected to the computer via a single USB connection is the preferred method and complies with the NMEA multjplexer for galvanic insulation of instruments. If set to bps, this port can be used for AIS, with limitations.


How are they connected to peripherals? But since for many boats this would be mid air in the cockpit, as close as possible brookyouse the longitudinal centerline and at the point where the boat teeters fore and aft.

iMux NMEA multiplexer

Brookhoue fill in if you are not human. Ipads or iPhones can be used for backup navigation and information, or it can be used a a primary source.

Here is a picture of the Brookhouse Multiplexer. Posted September 10, Data I’d get from “loaner boat” includes apparent wind angle and speed, depth, speed through water. C Skip R – From what you are describing, you don’t need a multiplexer to do what you are trying to do.

Seatalk is a trade-mark of RayMarine. All connections are made via clearly marked external screw-terminals. The Seatalk auto pilot is controlled by the navigation software. By Steve Mitchell1 week ago. The Seatalk port can also be disabled in the setup-menu.

Unwire your boat with Bluetooth February 29, Specifications eMux-ST Specifications are the same as for the standard model with 2 exceptions: Likewise, once you acquire an AIS signal, after it moves out of range, the AIS portion of the shuts down unless there are other signals in range and a few seconds later the Ray starts sending alert messages telling you the AIS is down.


A clear diagram is included in the instructions and examples of integrated system wiring can be found under “diagrams” on this website. To read what Brookhouse users say about the product, click here. All of the functions of the Brookhouse multiplexer model AIS are included, brookjouse application of this model is not limited to WiFi only. Standard NMEA multiplexer.

Please specify brookhouxe quantity of the desired items before you add them to your cart. Brookhouse multiplexers offer many extra features, most of which are included in all models.

How to wire a Brookhouse Multiplexer – The Hull Truth – Boating and Fishing Forum

Send a private message to C Skip R. In addition to the 4 NMEA input ports, the multiplexer has a 5th input port that can be used either to enter computer output data in the multiplexer or for the connection of an extra data source. The auto pilot NMEA out port does not need to be connected to the multiplexer because heading is already available via Seatalk.

The instrument data is translated to NMEA by the multiplexer.