Page 48 Presario Series Models: Retest the system after completing each step. Page 60 Presario Series Models: In addition, you may need to upgrade XFree86 if you use a distribution that’s less up-to-date than the XFree86 3. Ensure that the printer signal cable is properly connected to the notebook.

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Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

Remove seven standoffs from the system board. Follow the instructions for properly putting the Notebook into Off mode, unplugging it from the outlet, and removing the battery see Battery Pack Removal Sequence.

To replace the system board, reverse these procedures. This machine is fairly low-end by the standards of notebook computers in February,when I bought it, although it has a few components that are very recent and therefore require special consideration in a Linux environment. It is not necessary to remove the display panel assembly to access the interior components of the Notebook.

Cmopaq now works, although to get to this state, it’s necessary to engage in some gymnastics with drivers. Pull the display release latches to open the display. There are several other machines in the Compaq Presario line, including the and several with model names of the form XL1xx. Page 44 Presario Series Models: 120 us what’s missing. Check or replace cables. If the backlight is not functioning, the POST result cannot be observed. Although 4Front responded to my first query relating to installation problems, they’ve been unresponsive to my query about their module hanging the system when starting.


HP Compaq Presario,Presario 1200 Supplementary Manual

You are trying to access the hard drive card using the wrong drive letter. Remove the hard drive pg Prepare the unit for disassembly pg XLXL, XL, XLXL Video Test Error Codes Error Code Description xx Video controller test failed xx Video memory test failed xx Video attribute test failed xx Video character set test failed xx Video 80 x 25 mode 9 x 14 character cell test failed xx Video 80 x 25 mode 8 x 8 character cell test failed xx Video 40 x 25 mode test failed xx Video x mode color set 0 test failed xx Video x mode color.

Page 32 Presario Series Models: To remove the system board, complete the following steps: Run Computer Setup and set diskette as first to boot. Hibernation Hibernation helps conserve battery life and protect data.

Page 60 Presario Series Models: Open the loading tray, lay the compact disc in it label side upthen close the tray. Doing presaruo allows me to use the ALSA sound drivers which have problems compiling with 2. Personally, I don’t have a lot of need for the modem, so I’m content to use the 2.


There’s a third-party project to develop an open source driver for the Lucent modem, but I’ve not tried the code. When you perform a “self-test” on modeem external VGA color or monochrome monitor, the screen should be white.

Diskette Boot has incorrect setting in Computer Setup. Never pull or twist on the cable while it is connected.

Symbols The following words and symbols mark special messages throughout this guide. These later models are often noted for having a silver display lid instead of the original black lid. I’ve got a web page devoted to Linux distributions, so check it for information on others, if you’re interested.

Page 95 Presario Series Models: Tool and Software Requirements The following items are required to service the computer: Ensure that the dip switch settings for 1 Switch 1 and 2 Switch 2 are as illustrated below.