Once Windows has restarted, connect the USB video adapter to your computer. You will receive a reminder message as soon as the items are restocked. How do I uninstall the StarTech. To check to see if Windows is detecting the monitor using a computer that is running a version of Windows XP, do the following:. Some cookies are essential to ensure our website works for you. An external keyboard, mouse, or trackpad. I have 4 of them, upgraded my windows and now for nearly a month can’t use them because they do not provide Windows 8 driver!!

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When the download is complete, open the zip folder that you downloaded vha click and drag the Ubuntu folder to your desktop. Check to see if your video card drivers are current. Check to see if your video card drivers are current. Please extract the files using the instructions in Step 2. It can take several minutes to complete the installation. Installation may take several seconds to complete. Do not physically connect the Adater video adapter to your computer until you are instructed to Step 5.

For this reason you are advised to confirm this with your video card manufacturer. Ideally, you should select a basic and high-contrast theme. Select a non-Aero theme. Test each cable individually.


How do Ddekcell mirror my primary display onto my secondary display in Windows? Right-click on the desktop and click Screen Resolution. You can find the part number and product ID on the product packaging.

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Not all remote desktop software supports monitors that use USB video adapters. To determine the name of the chipset of your USB device, navigate to www. On fga small number of video cards, adding a USB Video Adapter can exceed the limit of available resources, causing one of the connected displays to turn off.

They are not designed for use with video games, and their performance with them is poor at best.

Press the Alt key. Many all-in-one computer systems limit the number of possible monitors to one. Click and drag the monitor icons to best match your physical setup. Click the OK button.

Use adalter different video cable, video source, video destination, and USB video adapter in your setup to see if the problem persists. Under visibility, remove the check box from Display pointer trails. Select a high-contrast theme. Did not work out of the box.

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During the installation your display might flicker; this is normal. I made sure the connection would work with my monitor, purchased adapter, hooked up, setup and everything worked perfect. You may block or delete all cookies from this site but parts of the site may not work.


To do so, complete the following based on your operating system:. In the menu on the left side of the screen, click Options. Yes – 3 No – 1 Report. Windows XP Click the Start button.


Poetic Poetic Lumos Case It is recommended that you go directly to the video card manufacturer’s website to check for the latest drivers. While the purpose of our USB Video Adapters are to add an additional video output to your laptop or desktop computer, these adapters still require some resources from your internal video card.

If Display pointer trails or Enhance pointer precision is enabled in your mouse settings, ddkcell can cause visibility issues with your mouse pointer on the display attached to the USB video adapter.