This site hosts no abandonware. I don’t know why it would sound terrible on some speak but it does but I’m glad I kept it. Today it is reality. Apparently the card works in DOS without any drivers. Overprinting a clone with a Yamaha logo can happen. If you’re able to open the datasheets, could you convert them to something more common like PDF for me?

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But that’s the only good thing I can say about it. I’m not sure if I should buy it or not I assume it’s a Soundblaster 16 clone anyway. I’ll show connections scheme picture and setting up resources. I found that AV can detect incoming signal not only at 44,1 kHz but at 48 kHz too.

Diamond Technologies, Inc. DT-0196H Audio Driver

Overprinting a clone with a Yamaha logo can happen. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again.


I remember that picture you gave me here. Their negligence is awful Items in search results. Do the OpAmps fail or could it be something else? I try but it won’t work. Out is 44,1 kHz always.

Drivers Diamond sound card MF-009 J98F-009

The sound quality is more better than usually on analog outs of ISA boards. Do you have a picture of your card? Which in no way could be the same model numbers. Yeah the weak signal and noise level are a real show stopper. Refine your search for vintage isa. I must say though that stereo was reversed for me in Duke3D. Any hopes, any experiences with this? Turn off email alerts.

Diamond Technologies, Inc. DTH() Free Driver Download for Windows 95

Besides, it sounds muffled and there’s no bass at all – as if I swapped my headphones for tin cans. Do you think that is great decision to make TTL signal? Don’t think there is any way to properly open these ALS documents without Framemaker 4, like you said. Sorry for my English if I speak not strictly correct.


If it weren’t for that, it would be a pretty darn good SB16 clone. Would you be able to show us a photo? Somehow I can’t get it to work.

As regards the sound quality I checked the amplified Speaker Out yet, it’s no more noisy than Aztech’s and similar cards. Will post a picture of mine but I’ll have to charge the camera battery first Today it is reality. Users browsing this forum: Any suggestions on this board or should I throw it out and try again? Perhaps the noise levels could be improved by replacing the analog parts with higher quality components, which could make these cards much more useful.

Tried some other speakers and it sounded reasonably good for a low end generic ISA sound card.