This is new to the bag and has recently started taking the duties of my Stalker. We call that disc understable , and would give it a negative stability rating of -1 for a gentle turn, and -3 for a more severe turn. If you throw a disc on a straight, flat line using average power and it continues to fly straight, that disc is considered to be stable , and would be given a stability rating of 0. New players might not be able to handle this disc with their backhand but they should see some success when using this disc for long distance forehand throws. It gets a reliable and consistent left finish with a RHBH.

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The g definitely has an S-curve to it.

The worst thing you can do is step up to the most overstable discs out there. Just lost my form. So disctaft, the Surge is winning the arms race. Once you’re comfortable and you’ve got your technique down, then it’s time to reach for a Fairway Drivers. Predators, and Forces are great for overstable duties. All Now if we re-worded it to something most would mean as forehand friendly.

I’ll attest to this. I think the g Destroyer is about as fast as I’ll go. I keep an fordhand Z Nuke in the bag for spike shots and forehand shots that need to turn sharply.


Discraft Golf Disc Stability Guide

If you can grip it, go for it. If you are even smoother then consider an ESP Flash.

If you find you might want them to be a little more or less overstable or fast then you will have a question with a specific answer. For instance, if you are a right-handed player eiscraft you need the disc to fish right instead of left, throwing a sidearm throw would be easier and more consistent than trying to get the disc to turn over.

I’ve actually not thrown a lot of DC.

[Discraft] What Discraft discs are forehand friendly? [Archive] – Disc Golf Course Review

I have been putting with Magnets since the mid 90’s and I try to keep one new and one old Soft Magnet in the bag. It gets a reliable and consistent left finish with a Disfraft.

Plus, sometimes if you are a right-handed player you just need your drive to finish right.

Surprised nobody mentioned it yet, but if you feel good about the grip Discraft’s Cyclone is a great FH disc. I was terrified of really OS discs for a while, thinking that they would be so hard to control. Are you getting any of those three to S-curve much? Something finally just “clicked” and after a buch of field work, I’ve been able to throw a g ESP Surge and g Pro Destroyer and a g Star Wraith on a completely windless day with all of the accuracy of my backhand drive g Vikings and Saintsbut adding at least another 30′ – 40′.


Those two differences are how you grip the disc and how much spin you put on the disc when releasing it.

You’ll want a mix of stability in your bag. The Zone is the best disc ever produced by Discraft. It can help you get out of some sticky situations on the course. There is a slight S-curve. I bought my Predator and it is quickly becoming a very essential part of my bag.

Discraft ESP Force

So if you are at this distance why would you choose to throw a distance driver disc forehand instead of backhand? A Surge will turn up and flip a little more if you don’t have a ton of power.

I always have people ask what the heck I threw when I am throwing with a group. If you want something a little bit slower, then an XS is a great choice as well. What makes a good Sidearm Distance Driver? The easy fix is to stand up a little straighter and raise your release point up a few inches. Read full description Print preview.