A member of staff will locate the animals to assess the situation and gather all relevant information. This is a fresh Jaunty installation. We can see this from dmesg Bus Device I have tried to compile the driver gspca from source http: In Windows XP camera works well. Unsupported series, setting status to “Won’t Fix”.

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Animal Welfare

Skype, however, requires the following to work properly: Can’t get it to work in any program, not even with the unloading-reloading modules trick. Tried dusoft’s compat workaround, still not connecting to webcam.

Problem still the same. Ubuntu intrepid development branch Release: Retrieved from ” https: At each connect I get this message: Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex with kernel 2. The Man is ultimately responsible for animal welfare issues on and off site, canine behaviour and training, and the rehoming of the Shelter dogs.


I have the same problem: I’m trying to use these two cams with ZoneMinder: I got this behaviour since intrepid. We do not behave in a threatening manner when investigating cases of cruelty.

Daniel Holm danielholm wrote on Tom Byrne inverted-sheep wrote on The camera is found by lsusb:. Warren Butler grumpymole wrote on Brad Figg brad-figg wrote on Every day we receive calls from members of the public who are concerned for the welfare of an animal.

Sound from camera internal microphone don’t work. Antonio tritemio wrote on Please let us know immediately if this newer 2.

Animal Welfare | GSPCA Guernsey

Upgraded the kernel from 2. Andrey Beljakov andvalb wrote on I hadn’t success putting these lines in rc.

Though the path getting there might not have been the easiest see herehereand here for further insightthe gspca framework was indeed reworked, and the resultant V4L2 compliant version 2 of the driver became integrated into the 2.

Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Creative PC webam does not work out of the box anymore in jaunty and karmic 2.


The module unload-reload trick works must be redone each time the webcam is connected 3. After plugging camera i got the following from “dmesg”: USB disconnect, address 13 [ Problem still exists with 2.

Per a decision made by the Ubuntu Kernel Team, bugs will longer be assigned to the ubuntu-kernel-team in Launchpad as part of the bug triage process.

Still have to figure out, why. You should then be able to test via a LiveCD. I had to compile an older kernel, but it is working.