Interesting that he thinks of himself as an Indy car driver, as there might never again be a selection of drivers for whom Indy is everything. Volkswagen had a Super Vee series for a number of years, and then they tried to do a thing called Mini-Indy, which was supposed to be a step up to Indy cars and they had a race at Trenton, Phoenix, there might have been another one, maybe someplace else. It probably, in looking back, was the best thing I did, because it horrible relationship. Keke Rosberg would be another one of those names. Please, Help us plan this event better, if you are a guest, Please click on guests below and tell us you will be coming. Lots of great stuff there. He was the Indianapolis Rookie of the year in , with a 7th-place finish.

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But the good news was that the car had been around, so there was fair amount of knowledge on what it took to set up the suspension and stuff. I mean, both of those guys were blindingly fast, especially Peterson, on a single-lap basis. The year I won the Atlantic championship, Janet debuted with—was howvy Sherman?

But as it turns out, in March [], I get a call from a guy, and this is exactly the way it happened:. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


I feel sad about that. He finished in the top ten 26 times, with his best finish ho,mes 2nd position in at Phoenix.

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The race course was this combination of regular streets, surface road, and wide-open parking lot with cones. Please come and join us, to welcome him. Biography from Pamela Balyeat. So, I have to tell you, the car was a Wildcat.

Howdy Holmes

With the purpose of making his racing history better known in the local area, Baggy Paragraphs visited the his office on July 30,to talk with Holmes ohwdy a story in AnnArbor. Then they quit the race. So I was kind of like the prototype corporate driver, is what other people would say.

There was a mechanical problem with the car. This stuff looks pretty easy. So these were two guys who were over here racing on a shoestring, and he was the instructor. He competed in six Indy events.

Howdy Holmes: Q&A with Chelsea, Michigan’s greatest contribution to the Indy

They discussed the volume, color, and texture of the mixes. What were humble beginnings, looking back, I mean, for me it was a really big deal. Holmes retired from racing after the season. It was the same year Gordon Smiley, I think, was killed at Indy. On the second lap I came into the pits because a hose clamp had come off the turbocharger that [went] between the plenum chamber and back in… They found it.


Because I left, that article was accurate. And then his mechanic was a guy by the name of Kenny Smith.

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I never knew who he was. Howxy interest, I guess, was spawned by going to the Indianapolis with my family. And you said it earlier, they all finish the races.

After successfully competing in the world of motor sports for 20 years, Howdy returned to the family business in November of And it turns out, he ends up winning the national championship that year.

Anyway, Sherman Armstrong had gotten Paul Leffler, who was the best mechanic in sprint cars in those days, and they were winning everything and they got bored, so they were looking for something else to do. Yeah, I mean, who knows?

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I had a five-year exit plan. What engines did they run in Formula Atlantic? He was also one of the first color commentators on racing for ESPN. What else is there to tell?