In the real world, the motherboard usually hits the case edge before the bases of the standoffs have moved far enough to disengage. This is easy to do, as long as you know that the CPU can stand a lot of pressure from its cooling hardware, so it’s OK to apply a solid push to the clip to make it latch onto the catches on either side of the socket. So a 44X drive can pump kilobytes per second, right? Picking your parts Step one is to pile up the other components. The biggest part of the PC is the box the other bits live in. Fiddly little connectors Ah, case connectors. If you’ve got a tendency to overtighten screws, using the washers may help.

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Cables, cables, cables You’ll need to plug various things in now.

Each end of the ribbon cable motherhoard a connector, and there’s one more that’s much closer to one end than it is to the other. This makes it impossible to plug the connector in the wrong way around even if it doesn’t have the slot-key protrusion, but cables with the blocked pin can’t be plugged in at all if a socket doesn’t have the corresponding missing pin.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Contact Us Christy Da810. Give Dan some money! Motherboard ribbon cable connectors are always “keyed”; they have a small lntel one one edge the right edge in the image above which mates with a protrusion on many, but not all, ribbon cable plugs. The outermost edge of the data storage area on a CD has a circumference of about mm.

There, that made you feel better, didn’t it?


Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board CA

Additional Product Features Interfaces. If you’ve got a tendency to overtighten screws, using the washers may help. It’s easy to see what motherboard holes line up with what screw holes in a case, but there are often small chances to mess up. With keyed connectors, you can’t go wrong unless someone’s wired the cable backwards; you just plug the cable in the only way it’ll go motherbkard you’re done.

Intel Desktop Board CA – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket – i Overview – CNET

The CA boards have only two memory slots, but with Mb modules freely available this still lets you install plenty of RAM if you want to. The biggest part of the PC is the box the other bits live in.

The side clips will swing in and snap into mofherboard automatically. Cheaper versions of these screws have rounded shoulders on the hex head that stop you from getting a proper grip, but most of them work well. Woe betide you if you got them backwards.

Downloads for IntelĀ® Desktop Board CA810

Installing the brass standoffs in a less simple case is easy enough, too. Saitech really helped us out of a jamb!

This floppy drive, mounted in a different case form the D, so you can clearly cq810 it has the decency to clearly label the sides of the connector – the “2” and “34” printed beneath the projecting header at the left of the drive are the pin numbers nearest the printing.

To make this platform complete, both Creative Labs PCI audio subsystem and the optional Intel LAN controller are integrated to deliver a tested and dependable solution. Pliers do just as well – like everything else in a PC, you don’t need to do them up too tight.


The next step down for CA customers is a Celeron, which offers most of the performance for a lot less money. It’s just feasible that you’ll still cook a component somehow, but I for one would be more worried about the risk of a jumbo jet crashing into my house. So here’s the step by step guide. These cables are often not keyed at one or both ends – the sockets may be keyed, but the plugs aren’t.

In most PCs, it goes to the sound card. She also facilitated the process by communicating with me and my tech support simultaneously.

The one on the right is the c810 common kind of screw; it’s got a standard Phillips cross head. A standard 80mm fan just clips into the box. There’s not much reason to bother with a USB one on a computer like this that’s not going to be short of system resources. Audio CD players have to be CLV, because audio demands a constant data rate, but CDs store data at a constant density per unit length of track all over the disc.

Intel CA810, Socket 370 (BOXCA810A32MB) Motherboard

Like most desktop cases, the D is very easy to open. The floppy drive is the only one that uses the smaller Berg power connectors from the power supply; all other drives use mothsrboard chunkier Molex versions, as shown below.

Socket 7 Computer Motherboard for Intel. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used.