Besides stock car races, special race nights for the midgets and demo derbies drew good motorsport crowds. Menard born August 21, is an American professional stock car racing driver. The stunt of driving around the high banked oval in a very slightly modified passenger car proved to be harder than it was anticipated. Attendance picked up a bit too. Cooper was a colorful figure. Plans began to raise the height of the fence and add a tire barrier section at the top of the new fence.

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It was clear from the first race that Santos had the car to beat. In his first start with RPM he finished 13th in the Daytona Even before the first car turned a lap speculation was running high as to who would walk away at the end of the season with the championship trophy. Forrest Construction of Norwood was the builder and iug operator of the facility. In the photo on the left, Johnny Kay is ready to run the heat race of the evening.

He told him of his decision in December of For the season, Menard moved over to the No.


Paul Menard

Clark and Sprague took home a new Ford for their efforts. Msnard rules were very loose with almost an anything goes approach. This was the last 24 hour race held at Norwood Arena.

Not all the metal bending at the track was planned as there were some spectacular incidents link that happened. The event that surprised many was the Demolition Derby that packed over 12, people into the stands.

Paul Menard ready to make NASCAR history with Wood Brothers Racing | Autoweek

A menardd driver by the name of Jack Malone was piloting his 78 impressively around the quarter mile. Andy Anderson takes a win in to stop Hop Harrington’s streak.

Special event purses would be higher. Fireball Roberts iug the win. Cleary was able to run on the outside 3-wide around the entire track. More of the Season coming soon! Although there were the usual flying wheels and crashes, one that stood out was that of James Lee. It was a deal of mutual benefit. A frightening end-over-end flip on October 3rd put Hop in the hospital for the next several weeks.

The Board link knew this needed to be improved for next season and that they lacked the skills and personal desire to step in. Norwood Arena Stock Certificate.


Rxce reviewing the scorer sheets it was decided that Zervakis won. It was no surprise that the Sportsman win went to Bill Slater in the V8. Retrieved March 4, Slater will represent Norwood Arena in the lap event at Daytona.

These “Northeast Bandits” won often, big and everywhere they went. Blaney gave the team its 99th victory last summer at Pocono.

Joe Ross, the “Lovable Fat Man” on the mic, had his hands fulling calling both racing and some of the more “social nug that the track was holding.

Similar in looks and performance, these two cars were in a class by themselves. They saw Fireball Roberts link win the race. This crankshaft made 2 cylinders fire together to produce higher power and launched the car off of the corners and be competitive with the overhead motors.

Harvick eventually caused a multi-car wreck attempting to bump him menatd of the way. Retrieved July 20, Slater ruled the track for The season started off with a major change.